Structured Cabling

Structured network cabling is crucial for any business because businesses today rely on a dependable structured network cabling system to run their daily processes. Structured network cabling is essential to the efficiency of business and commerce, because it is the medium to which information flows through, via mediums such as Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A/Coax/Fiber optics. Robust and reliable structured network cabling is critical to business success because network failures can result in wasted time and lost revenue. Data Net Communications offers a complete network cabling services that includes data/voice cabling, and IT room build-outs.

  • Horizontal Structured Voice/Data/ Fiber Cabling System
  • Aerial, Underground and Outdoor cabling
  • Riser Cabling , Fiber Optic Cabling
  • CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A Copper Cabling
  • Unshielded and Shielded Twisted-Pair Cabling
  • Patch Panel Installation and Termination
  • Audio and Video Coaxial , HDMI, VGA and DVI cable
  • 2-post and 4-post Network Racks with Ladder Rack Raceway support
  • Distribution Frame Enclosure and Server Cabinets
  • Floor-mount and Wall-mount Enclosures/ Cabinets
  • Cable Trays, Ducts and Ladder Rack Raceways
  • Relocate IT equipment (ex. Rack, Server, UPS, Switch, Router/Firewall)
  • Fiber optic cabling termination, and fusion splicing for multimode (1GbE, 10GbE, and 40GbE) or single mode
  • Cable Testing, Analysis, and Certification
  • Cable Removal and Dispose
  • Backbone Distribution Systems
  • Telecom, Server Room, IT Room, IDF Room and MDF Room Built-Outs’
  • Adds, Moves and Changes in Cabling Services

AV Integrated System & Video Conferencing

Thanks to new innovative technologies companies across the world are able to collaborate side-by-side with their teams even when they’re miles away. We are dedicated to giving our clients the full package when it comes to our AV Integrated systems and Video Conferencing solutions and services; to meet today’s diverse organizational demands for communications, and collaborations.

  • LCD/Plasma, Projector System, Video and control
  • AV rack/cabinet build-out
  • CAT5/Satellite/Infrastructure Wiring
  • Traditional and Cloud Video conferencing
  • High-Definition video conferencing (Polycom/Lifesize/Tellabs/ClearOne)
  • Professional quality audio conferencing
  • Supports traditional POTs lines, SIP/H.323, and VOIP video conferencing
  • Multi-site collaboration with users joining from anywhere, using any device (PC, mobile, room endpoints, or telephones)
  • Real –time collaboration with screen sharing, whiteboarding, annotation, file transfer, recording etc

IP Access Control

Access control solutions enable secure access into and around your building. Our team of experts will work closely with you to choose the perfect solution based on your security demands. Our team is committed to ensuring your installations are on time and within budget.

  • Traditional Door Controller and IP Door Controller
  • Restrict access to people in certain areas of your building
  • Make tracking keys and replacing lost keys
  • Identify irregularities
  • Control multiple access points remotely during emergency situations
  • Alter access levels on the fly, on demand, or as scheduled with browser-based software
  • Eliminates software management and dedicated server hardware
  • Cost-effective building security solutions
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing platforms
  • Supports video integration with industry leading video surveillance platforms
  • Reduces carbon footprint by operating in a virtual environment

Wireless Access Point

Our reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi solutions are tailor designed specifically to meet your company’s wireless networking demands, allowing you to stay ahead of evolving business needs. Using Fluke Network’s specialized RF signal measuring software, we can successfully deploy fewer access points to critical areas that require coverage.

  • Wired/Wireless Firewall Router
  • Wireless Access Point (Ruckus/Ubiquiti)
  • Wireless Access Point Installations (Overhead ceiling/Wall mount/Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Single or Multi Wireless Access Point with one WAP Controller
  • Wireless controller with single SSID/password and multiple security levels
  • Design and deploy indoor and outdoor WiFi Networks(802.11n/a/b/g/ac)
  • One Unified Network with Zero-Handoff Roaming
  • On-site wireless site surveys to scan 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz signal strength
  • Collect real-world data by performing unique true end-user experiences (LAN Throughput, data rates, signal strength, retries, losses, RF interference)
  • Visualize Coverage and Performance Differences Over Time
  • Professional Custom Reports

Traditonal & IP Cameras

Here at Data Net Communications, we know that the presence of a CCTV system is considered as one of the major demands of any business establishment. Not only does theft and fraud threaten valuable assets but it threatens integrity as well. Data Net Communications has partnered up with the top industry leading manufacturers in CCTV to bring you an unparalleled service for your CCTV requirements.

  • Traditional analog wax camera systems
  • Digital HD – SDI/ HD – TVI coax camera systems
  • High Definition IP camera systems
  • Indoor/outdoor PTZ camera systems(Analog/IP)
  • Digital Video Recorders/Network Video Recorders/Video Management Systems
  • On-Premier a cloud hosted network storage
  • Effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time
  • Data integration from retail and access control systems
  • Reduce review time and conduct investigations seamlessly
  • Integrates flawlessly with most IP cameras(Compatible with thousands of IP camera models and over 60 manufacturers)
  • Integrates with POS systems for retail and POS analytics
  • Video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping, intrusion detection, facial recognition, and object verification
  • Auto-detection and connection of most IP cameras
  • View and review video and audio from anywhere
  • Support for mobile viewing on Smart Phones
  • Installs on third-party servers
  • Single client connects to thousands of servers to provide a One Look solution